Our petroleum division is rapidly building a diverse portfolio of petroleum license areas, strategically focused in Africa and the Middle East.

Geographically, we have focused on Africa and the Middle East where we have strong relationships and an excellent reputation. We have acquired interests in seven license areas since our founding and have an ambitious exploration and appraisal programme and growth strategy.

We are continually inspired by new emerging opportunities and are highly motivated to work together to realise their future potential.


Our business strategy has been designed to ensure that we capitalize on our strengths and achieve our vision to become one of the world’s leading distributors of all petroleum products from independent oil companies unique in exploration, development and production.

The strategy is comprised of three key components:

Africa and the Middle East

Focus on regions we know

Our primary focus is on Africa and the Middle East, areas with known hydrocarbon basins and where our team has years of experience managing exploration, development and production projects. We understand, intimately, the people and environments and have a proven ability to respect and adapt to local business cultures.

Lead with our expertise

We aim, whenever possible, to operate assets. This allows us to determine the pace, quality and scale of investment and development of the license areas. Our team has the technical knowledge and experience to operate assets efficiently across the full life cycle of exploration, development and production.

Lead with our expertise
Maximize success by minimizing risk

Maximize success by minimizing risk

We concentrate on areas that are prospective for oil, in proven hydrocarbon regions and where we believe we have a competitive advantage. We also seek multiple interests to diversify exposure and improve efficiency. Our entrepreneurial and ambitious approach is always balanced by extensive risk assessment and mitigation strategies to optimize our chances of success